CSC Demo Mystery Candle - FREE!


This product is currently sold out.

Before purchasing - please read this in its entirety! 

This product listing is for our strictly for CSC Candles that were burned as testers (We discussed this idea in our CSC Coffee Chat and it was a HIT!). We will only give the demo candles to customers if the burn demo was successful (unsuccessful batches are always discarded). The candle is of our high-quality and is suitable for "sale" (it is free), it is just gently-used. Why throw it out when we can enjoy them, right?

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge and understand all of the following points below:

1) This product listing is for a demo candle, meaning it has  been burned to ensure candle batch success and/or for social media marketing materials. (This is not scratch and dent, or  a never-been-used product)

2) Please write in the notes section what candle scent profile you would prefer (fruity, floral, sweet, etc.) and we will do our best to comply. Please understand that your specified preference is not a guarantee you will receive said candle type, we will do our best with what we have!

3) This is a free product, but all customers must pay for its shipping. 

4) Due to supply and demand, we are limiting this product listing to two (2) demo candles per customer (not per order, per customer). If customer places an order with more than two (2) demo candles, we will notify you that you are only receiving two and will refund the additional shipping cost (our shipping is configured by weight)